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Sentencing advocacy in capital, juvenile-life-sentence, and non-capital cases

We are a nationwide, multi-disciplinary mitigation and sentencing-advocacy practice

About Us

The Sentencing Advocacy Group of Evanston has conducted social history investigations in more than 90 cases: state and federal, capital and non-capital, pre-trial and post-conviction. In every case, we provide detailed information about the social, biological, and environmental forces that have shaped our clients, relying upon interviews and record collection. We compile the resulting information into a unified narrative that explains the context of the crime and the client’s humanity.

Compelling written mitigation reports and comprehensive trial preparation

We tailor our work product for the needs of each case. In many cases, we create detailed and meticulously-supported mitigation reports that can be provided to judges or prosecutors in support of a lower sentence. In other cases, we work with the legal team to identify and prepare witnesses and exhibits for a unified and compelling trial presentation. For each case, we prepare a life-history chronology and a log of records gathered. Unless you prefer that we don't, we also prepare written reports for each interview and provide you with copies of all the records that we gather.

Extensive interviews and exhaustive record collection

We conduct extensive, multi-generational interviews, apply a “scorched-earth” philosophy of record collection, and provide the attorneys with whom we work a clear, concise report of our findings that is tailored to the needs of the case.

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