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Sage Work Products

Sage tailors our practice to your preferences and, as such, the work product Sage provides varies by case. Generally, for each case we prepare a life-history chronology and a log of records gathered. Depending on the case needs and your preferences, we might also prepare a full mitigation report, genograms, reports of various subjects, or other exhibits or documents. We can also provide a mitigation proffer designed to be presented to the prosecutor. In addition to our mitigation services, we can provide paralegal support. Here are some samples of just a few of these products:

Work samples

Life-History Chronology

We create a detailed, sourced chronology of the client's life history with a document index and person list. The chronology is provided at regular intervals as new information is collected.

Sentencing ​Memo

When needed, we produce a full narrative sentencing memo to tell the client's story.

Mitigation ​Proffer

We author mitigation proffers, designed to be presented to the prosecutor.


We build multi-generational genograms, simple or coded by issue, to detail the client's extended family.

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