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Defense-Victim outreach

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evanston victim outreach

A firm of defense-victim outreach specialists.

The aim of EVO’s work is not to provide a particular outcome for the defense team. Rather, the defense-victim outreach specialist communicates with the surviving victims and victims’ loved ones and offers a safe and respectful avenue of communication with defense teams. This work is based upon restorative justice principles and expands the options available to families and victim-survivors to get information and responses to their questions, to voice and vent their concerns, and to address their needs throughout the judicial process.

EVO never acts as an advocate for the defendant. The DVO specialist offers to engage with families and victim-survivors, learn what is most important to them, and assist them toward these goals in whatever ways might be possible. The DVO specialist acts as a liaison with the defense team to determine whether the defense team can help meet those needs.

The DVO specialist helps the defense team and defendant avoid causing additional harm to the victim-survivors and, if possible, helps to repair the harm victim-survivors have already experienced.

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